Duncan Jones: Why Warcraft film will not disappoint


Twenty years ago, even though he didn’t know it, Duncan Jones was starting preparation for the biggest movie of his career so far.
In the mid 1990s Jones, an avid gamer, was immersed in the world of Azeroth in the first Warcraft real-time strategy game, Orcs and Humans.

Cut to 2015, and Jones – now an acclaimed film-maker – has spent almost three years working on the fantasy epic Warcraft: The Beginning that will hit cinemas in June 2016.

“They’ve been trying to make this film for a long time,” he tells the BBC down the line from Los Angeles.

“When I came in I pitched what I thought it should be: essentially a war story where the story is told from both sides and both sides can be empathised with – and that is the film that we made.”

The Warcraft movie has been in development since 2006 when it was first announced by the game developer Blizzard Entertainment. Jones came on board in 2013 after the departure of Sam Raimi who had previously been at the helm.

Jones – the son of David Bowie – and his British producer Stuart Fenegan had already been behind two well-received sci-fi films, cult indie hit Moon and time-travel thriller Source Code. But this $100m fantasy movie is by far their biggest project to date.

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