‘Spectre’ Box Office: 007 Reasons Why The Gossip Failed To Kill James Bond


After all the handwringing, doom saying, and speculation, the 24th James Bond adventure ended up opening with an estimated $73 million at this weekend’s box office, which is basically where we all presumed it would end up many months ago. While it’s always a little boring when a big film ends up right where the pre-release tracking predicts it will, this is another example of how much of what we discuss in regards to affecting a given film’s performance really doesn’t matter in the end. So for the Monday morning quarterback post, instead of just making a point to clarify that a $73m debut weekend is pretty darn good for the 24th James Bond movie, I’m going to do something a little different. I am going to discuss (00)7 things that we all obsessed about over the last few months that didn’t make one bit of difference in regards to Spectre‘s debut weekend performance. And without further ado…

001: The behind-the-scenes turmoil:

This one came about back in as a one big piece of information gleaned from that Sony hack situation that unfolded back in December 2014. Gawker dropped a massive post last December detailing basically the entire script along with notes and would-be problems with the film as it headed into production. To wit: The film’s third act had to be rewritten, the preliminary budget had ballooned to around $300 million, Chiwetel Ejiofor was considered for a major role but was replaced by Andrew Scott in order to save money, etc., etc.

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