Is ‘Jurassic World’ the No. 3 film in box-office history — or No. 28?

Jurassic World” has chomped a gigantic bite out of the summer box office, big enough for the dinosaur thriller to stomp its way to becoming the No. 3 movie in Hollywood box-office history.

At more than $647 million banked in North America, it’s about $10 million away from taking the No. 2 spot away from “Titanic.”

But just how big is “Jurassic World,” from a historical sense? How big is it really?

In tickets sold, it’s No. 28.

More than 75 million tickets have been sold to showings of “Jurassic World” since its June 12 release, but that’s far short of the 200 million-plus tickets purchased over the last 75 years for “Gone With the Wind,” the No. 1 movie hit ever.

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