How and why Jurassic World managed — surprisingly — to break box office records


As if from nowhere, Jurassic World stormed the box office in its opening weekend, setting new records for both domestic (US and Canada) and worldwide earnings.

Though the film was expected to make an estimated $125 million in its first three days — no small figure — it very quickly blew past that estimate on its way to becoming only the second movie ever to score $200 million in one weekend in domestic box office sales alone. Once the rest of the world was factored in, it topped $500 million.

Universal (which released the film) initially estimated that Jurassic World would fall just short of the opening weekend record set by The Avengers ($207 million) in 2012. But the final numbers told a different tale: after earning $208.8 million in just three days (plus a few Thursday night screenings), Jurassic World is the new champion.

This is significant, as many people believed The Avengers wouldn’t be topped for a long time after its own sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, opened this past May with “just” $191 million — now the third-best opening in history.

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