Don’t look away now: the crucial movie moments you can’t afford to miss


Jurassic World concludes with an epic, mano-a-mano free-for-all between two genetically-modified dinosaurs that do not seem to like each other. The outcome of the tussle is still very much in doubt when something totally unexpected occurs: the proverbial deus ex machina appears out of nowhere and brings the battle royale to a surprising conclusion. And that’s that.

I found this finale so jarring and unexpected that I complained about it to my friend as we left the theatre. I felt like I’d been played.

“Where the hell did that thing come from?” I asked, still very upset at the way the film had ended. “The movie didn’t do anything to set us up for that.”

“Yes it did; they explained that while you were out in the hall,” my friend said. “You missed that sequence. But the movie does set up the ending.”

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