Don’t look away now: the crucial movie moments you can’t afford to miss


Jurassic World concludes with an epic, mano-a-mano free-for-all between two genetically-modified dinosaurs that do not seem to like each other. The outcome of the tussle is still very much in doubt when something totally unexpected occurs: the proverbial deus ex machina appears out of nowhere and brings the battle royale to a surprising conclusion. And that’s that.

I found this finale so jarring and unexpected that I complained about it to my friend as we left the theatre. I felt like I’d been played.

“Where the hell did that thing come from?” I asked, still very upset at the way the film had ended. “The movie didn’t do anything to set us up for that.”

“Yes it did; they explained that while you were out in the hall,” my friend said. “You missed that sequence. But the movie does set up the ending.”


Still of immense appeal to pop radio programmers, Selena Gomez’ recently released “Good For You (featuring A$AP Rocky)” repeats as the format’s most added song.

According to Mediabase, “Good For You” won support from 63 monitored pop stations this week. In addition to bringing the song’s current pop station total to 148, the weekly adds count earns “Good For You” a second straight week atop the pop radio add board.

Thanks to promotional first day iHeartMedia airplay and strong support throughout the week, “Good For You” debuted at #22 on this past week’s pop radio airplay chart.

Taylor Swift has snubbed Apple Music


Taylor Swift just snubbed Apple: BuzzFeed News is reporting that the singer is refusing to put her most recent album, “1989,” on the company’s upcoming music streaming service.

Taylor Swift has previously been an outspoken critic of free music streaming. She argues that it devalues artists’ work, and she removed “1989” from market-leader Spotify late last year following a dispute over its free, ad-supported tier.

How and why Jurassic World managed — surprisingly — to break box office records


As if from nowhere, Jurassic World stormed the box office in its opening weekend, setting new records for both domestic (US and Canada) and worldwide earnings.

Though the film was expected to make an estimated $125 million in its first three days — no small figure — it very quickly blew past that estimate on its way to becoming only the second movie ever to score $200 million in one weekend in domestic box office sales alone. Once the rest of the world was factored in, it topped $500 million.

Universal (which released the film) initially estimated that Jurassic World would fall just short of the opening weekend record set by The Avengers ($207 million) in 2012. But the final numbers told a different tale: after earning $208.8 million in just three days (plus a few Thursday night screenings), Jurassic World is the new champion.

This is significant, as many people believed The Avengers wouldn’t be topped for a long time after its own sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, opened this past May with “just” $191 million — now the third-best opening in history.

Apple wants a lead role in streaming music

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 5.16.37 PM

Apple’s iTunes helped change the way music-lovers bought their favorite songs, replacing plastic discs with digital downloads. Now the maker of iPods and iPhones wants to carve out a leading role in a revolution well underway, with a new, paid streaming-music service set to launch this summer.

With millions of listeners already tuning in to streaming outlets like Pandora and Spotify, analysts and music-industry sources say Apple has been gearing up to launch its own service, aimed at winning back some of those customers and nudging longtime iTunes users into a new mode of listening.

Apple is expected to announce the service at its annual conference for software developers, which kicks off Monday in San Francisco. In a keynote session, CEO Tim Cook and other executives are also expected to show off new features in Apple’s operating software for iPhones, iPads and Macintosh computers, as well as tools for building new apps for the Apple Watch. Analysts also expect enhancements to the mobile-payment service known as Apple Pay.

Fans React with Strong Support as Hillsong UNITED’s Hit Song ‘Oceans’ is Featured on NBC’s ‘The Voice’

When it comes to appealing to the heart of America, it appears that singing a chart-topping Christian worship song is a sure-fire strategy to do it.

Eighteen-year-old Deanna Johnson performed “Oceans” in front of ‘The Voice’ judges on April 14th at the recommendation of her coach, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. Deanna was also the last of the competitors on the live elimination episode that aired on Wednesday, April 15th to be “saved by America” and eligible to continue to compete on the show. Although she was rated as one of the “bottom three” among the dozen contestants left, the viewing audience used Twitter to vote her into the last remaining spot of the final ten vocalists.

 The fact that a pop megastar musician like Adam Levine is aware of the song “Oceans” may come as a surprise – but it shouldn’t. The song’s music video, which simply features the song’s lyrics along with shots of waves hitting a shoreline and runs over eight minutes long, has more than 30 million YouTube hits to date. Included on Hillsong UNITED’s 2013 album Zion, the song spent 47 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot Christian songs chart, initially topping the chart toward the end of 2013 and staying there for almost the entirety of 2014.

Long-Lost ‘Star Wars’ Fan Movie ‘5-25-77’ Might Finally Be Coming to Theaters


A long time ago (let’s say in 2004), in a small town far, far away (Wadsworth, Ill.), Patrick Read Johnson commenced production on his autobiographical coming-of-age drama, 5-25-77. That title refers to the exact date that George Lucas’s blockbuster space opera Star Wars arrived in theaters.

The 53-year-old Johnson was one of those fledgling filmmakers for whom the first Star Wars was a formative cinematic experience, eventually setting him on a path that led from the small town of Wadsworth to a career as a writer-director in Hollywood. (His directorial credits include the 1990 sci-fi comedy Spaced Invaders as well as 1994’s Baby’s Day Out, and he also co-wrote the story for 1996’s DragonHeart.) That personal journey is reenacted by his onscreen counterpart, movie-mad amateur filmmaker Pat, played by Freaks and Geeks star John Francis Daley, who was 19 when the film started shooting. “My intention was to make the movie look and feel like it was really shot in the ‘70s,” Johnson tells Yahoo Movies. “We painstakingly tried to re-create that period in every frame.”


Hillsong UNITED released their highly anticipated new studio album, EMPIRES, last week to much acclaim and fan response. EMPIRES debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian albums chart and No. 2 on the Digital Albums chart. The album also remained in the Top 5 peaking at No. 2 on the iTunes overall albums during street week.

UNITED’s album was named the Album of the Week from USA Today last week featuring the band and project. The publication stated that “(EMPIRES’) message may be paramount to Hillsong UNITED, but the melodies are almost as important. Like Coldplay, the group has mastered the engaging melody, and not just the ones that accompany the lyrics, but the ones in the soothing guitar patterns, the ostinato synthesizer lines, the simple piano motifs.” In addition to the USA Today mention, UNITED was recently featured in the May 30 issue of Billboard along with exclusively shot photos of the group in Central Park. Click here to read the feature. This week UNITED is the featured performance on NBC’s Beyond A.D. with the single “Touch the Sky.” Click here to watch their performance.