Is There A Secret Ben Affleck Batman Movie Coming Out This October?


If that’s true, Batman V. Superman has been split into two parts with Enter the Knight coming out this October 23rd and Dawn of Justice keeping its March release date.

Now, this is very easy to fake. The teaser is certainly out there and will likely be attached to WB’s Jupiter Ascending in February (and they filmed all that football stuff for the movie, so a Super Bowl showing wouldn’t be a horrible idea). The version of the teaser we’re aware of didn’t have any titles. This would have to be a more complete version, or one that’s poised for a Warner Bros. sneak attack.

Let’s pretend it’s not fake for a second. Batman is a very profitable franchise character and given that this movie started as “Man of Steel 2” and will suddenly insert an older Batman into the universe mid-continuity, that leaves a lot of world building needing to be done if a single movie is going to have an enjoyable battle between Batman and Superman that resolves in time to launch the Justice League concept. Toss in Doomsday, Lex Luthor and Zack Snyder’s style and one can imagine Dawn of Justice being a 2.5 hour Superman slugfest.

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