Weekend Box Office: ‘Interstellar’ Hits $449M Worldwide


I created a wholly separate weekend box office report for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part I. As such, thought I’d try something different this weekend. I’ll be offering a separate weekend box office report for the various holdover news. This post is that separate report. Let me know if you approve of this potentially new format, which will allow me to give more context to both the new release films and the various holdovers.

The big holdover news was the apparent crashing-and-burning of Dumb and Dumber To on its second weekend. The Universal (Comcast CMCSA +1.73%) release earned just $13.8 million on its second weekend, a drop of 62% from last weekend’s $36m opening weekend. Now the film is not expensive, so a $57.5m ten-day total for the $40m Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels comedy is nothing to be sneezed at, especially as the film may-well level out over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend since there isn’t too much coming out next weekend. Last weekend’s $36m debut means that there was an audience for a sequel to the 1994 comedy, but either it was an audience mostly limited to the die-hards who showed up already or it was a case of the fans and general audiences not approving of what they saw. The reviews are terrible and the word-of-mouth was mixed at best. Quite frankly, this was not a surprise.

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