New singer brings new acclaim to Christian group Newsboys


The Newsboys might be the Van Halen of Christian music.

Van Halen famously is one of the few bands ever to replace one singer (David Lee Roth) with another of similar stature (Sammy Hagar) and not only survive the change, but also go on to match, if not exceed, the success of the original edition.

In 2009, the Newsboys’ singer (and main songwriter) Peter Furler left the band, leaving the remaining trio of keyboardist/bassist Jeff Frankenstein, drummer Duncan Phillips and guitarist Jody Davis to pick up the pieces.

Like Van Halen, the Newsboys found a new vocalist in Michael Tait, whose credentials matched those the Newsboys amassed during its initial 24 years. Over that span, the group from Queensland, Australia, won five Dove Awards, the Christian music industry’s equivalent of a Grammy, and released nine albums that all went Top 5 on the Christian music chart, with four hitting No. 1.

Tait began his career in the Christian rap/pop trio DC Talk, which had three albums that topped 1 million copies sold — “Free At Last” (1992), “Jesus Freak” (1995) and “Supernatural” (1998). Those albums won DC Talk three Grammy Awards and more than a dozen Dove Awards. Read more

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