EXCLUSIVE: Sony’s Now Working on a Spider-Man-Less Aunt May Movie


Here comes Trouble, and I might mean that literally.

It’s been obvious from the various and absolutely crazy rumors about upcoming Spider-Man movies that Sony is struggling to find a direction for the franchise and the crazier the rumors get the more it seems like they’d rather milk the property from every single angle rather than give the main character back to Marvel. What started as rumors of villain-centric series, The Sinister Six and Venom, has been transformed by the increasing chorus of disappointed sighs from Amazing Spider-Man 2 to Venom: Carnage and “a female lead Spider-Man movie” that might be a crazy movie codenamed Glass Ceiling that features female Spider-Man Universe characters that have never been team-up before in history, let alone on screen.

Now, it’s my solemn duty to put another wild Sony thrashing Spider-Movie on the pile of rumored Spider-Man movies. I was told by the Latino Review editorial brain-trust that this is completely true: Sony is pursuing an Aunt May movie. Read more…

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