Derek Hough Talks ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 20: Will He Be Back?

Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars has wrapped, and a winner has been declared. That means that many DWTS fans are already turning their attention to Season 20 set to debut in the spring, wondering if Derek Hough and other popular pros will be returning. What does Derek say about his plans regarding the show?

 Derek Hough’s fans know that he tends not to make solid decisions regarding future seasons with Dancing with the Stars too far ahead of time. He’s taken a couple of seasons off, but he has surprised DWTS fans several times in the past year or two by returning again and again. Will he be back for Season 20, one already getting a lot of hype due to it being a big anniversary season?

Hough writes in his TV Guide blog that at this point, it’s simply too early to say for certain. He admits, though, that he can’t imagine not being a part of the 10-year anniversary of the show that he’s been with for so long. Derek adds that he feels lucky and thankful to be a part of it, and DWTS fans have long seen that the show holds a special place in his heart.

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