Weekend Report: ‘No Good Deed’ Succeeds, ‘Guardians’ Passes $300 Million


No Good Deed easily took first place ahead of Dolphin Tale 2 on another quiet weekend at the domestic box office.

Playing at 2,175 locations, the Screen Gems thriller opened to an estimated $24.5 million. That’s in the same general range as 2009’s Obsessed ($28.6 million), which shared a producer (Will Packer) and star (Idris Elba) with No Good Deed. More impressively, it debuted significantly higher than last year’s The Call ($17.1 million), which was also a Sony thriller featuring a female protagonist in a confined location.

No Good Deed
managed to successfully combine a few key ingredients. First, and most importantly, it was well-positioned within the perennially successful home invasion subgenre. These movies manage to tap in to one of our most common fears (harm to our home/family), while also promising an element of wish fulfillment (taking control and fighting back against these invaders).

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