‘Divergent’ delivers, Muppets stumble at box office


Any talk of a curse on young-adult film franchises was put on hold this weekend with the estimated $56-million opening for “Divergent,” the first adaptation from a series of novels by Veronica Roth, while “Muppets Most Wanted” underperformed and “God’s Not Dead” surprised some with a strong turnout from faith-based audiences.

Directed by Neil Burger and starring Shailene Woodley, “Divergent” tells the story of a young woman fighting for freedom and survival in a dystopian society. After a string of young-adult novel adaptations that has included some big hits along with many big misses, there was curiosity as to whether “Divergent” would be the next “Hunger Games” or the next “Mortal Instruments.”

“Divergent” solidly met expectations without exceeding them. By comparison, the first “Hunger Games” film opened at more than $152 million in March 2012, and the sequel, “Catching Fire,” opened in November 2013 to $158 million and went on to be the top film at the box office last year. Read more

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