How to Improve Hollywood in 2014: 9 Experts on the Future of Film and TV


Brian Robbins, Bob Greenblatt, Wesley Morris and others discuss the changes impacting the business and the opportunities in the digital space

From a distance, the Hollywood sign has never shone brighter.

The box office will hit record numbers this year and television continues to be a cash cow. Yet, a digital economy that roiled the industry continues to sweep away old business models. In some cases, these newer forms of distribution and production are leading to more creativity and innovation. Often, they also mean less money to go around.

To make sense of the technological, artistic and financial disruptions, TheWrap spoke with nine of entertainment’s sharpest thinkers, including Brian Robbins, the CEO and founder of AwesomenessTV (which he sold to DreamWorks Animation), and Bob Greenblatt, the NBC Entertainment chairman who proved with “The Sound of Music” that Broadway can work on broadcast. Read more

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