What Does the Fox Say?’


It’s a question that’s been running around in the brains of millions, and Friday on TODAY the Norwegian band Ylvis asked once again, “What Does the Fox Say?”

Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker, two brothers in furry animal costumes, have racked up 100 million YouTube views and have the web’s most-streamed song. But they told TODAY that they were actually trying to produce an “anti-hit,” and it “backfired.”

lso, the real reason behind writing the song, they joked, was to secure an interview and performance on TODAY — a plan that worked beautifully. “This was our plan,” said Vergard. “This is the main goal. We were sitting back home in Norway, thinking if we were going to perform this on TODAY show, how were we going to do it? So then we made the song about the fox.”

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