Mark Burnett, Richard Branson Want to Send You Into Space for NBC Reality Show


Today in show business news: NBC is sending people to space, MTV reups with The Challenge, and Rachael Ray gets two more years.

NBC has picked up a space travel reality series from mega producer Mark Burnett and crazed billionaire Richard Branson. The show is called Space Race and it’s about people competing for a chance to go space on one of Richard Branson’s spaceships. Yes, Richard Branson has spaceships! Or at least one spaceship. And soon regular Joes like you and me (specifically you and me — see you there!) will be competing to go on one of the space flights. I should add that these space flights are almost assuredly doomed. Terrifyingly, the first one is packed with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. (Winslet won a seat on the flight as a thank you from Branson, after Winslet saved his mother from a burning building on Branson’s private island. Winslet then married Branson’s nephew, a man named Ned Rocknroll. And now she is going to space. That is all true. All of it.) So maybe once all the celebrities die in a ball of silent screaming and fire, NBC will pull the plug on this show. But for now, it’s on. [Deadline]

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