16 year old Lorde on top of iTunes Charts…


Last week, Lorde was fielding collaboration offers from the Backstreet Boys (“I don’t know if could write something pure enough to be a Backstreet Boys song,” she laughed). This week, she crossed paths with R. Kelly. That came on the heels of high-profile endorsements from the likes of Selena Gomez and Carson Daly, to name just a few.

It bears mention at this point that she is just 16 years old, has visited the United States exactly once — she played her first show in New York City on Tuesday night — and has more interviews to her credit than actual songs. Yet, when those songs are as striking, strident and self-assured as “Royals” or “Tennis Court,” well, you can begin to understand why the native New Zealander has become the object of such obsession … and why, despite her age and relative inexperience, she’s already being tapped as pop’s next great hope.

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