MTV, VH1, CMT Partnering with Monster DNA to Promote, Fund Indie Artists on July 4th

For 12 hours on July 4, MTV, CMT and VH1 are going to be all about music.

The networks’ owner, Viacom, and the headphones company Monster DNA are teaming up to promote “Music Independence Day,” during which indie musicians will be featured on TV and the two companies will match online donations that viewers make to unsigned artists on a Web destination called the Artist Platform.

“Hopefully that tip will allow them a start in their career,” said Jeannie Scalzo, svp of brand sales for MTV, VH1 and CMT.

Viacom and Monster DNA are pledging $100,000 in all to unsigned artists, with each act able to receive up to $500. “We want to include as many artists as we can,” Scalzo said. “Spreading the wealth is the best way to make this successful for everybody.”

Each network will have a different focus—and feature different artists, independent and otherwise—throughout the 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. programming block. For MTV, the theme is block parties; for CMT, it’s barbecue. In addition to the unsigned groups, viewers can expect to see the likes of Ke$ha, The Lumineers and Hanson, to name a few.

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