Bombs! Flops! Duds! How the Summer Box Office Could Still Be Biggest Ever


For all the megaflops this year, the sky isn’t falling on the box office: Summer is still pacing to be the biggest ever, thanks to more hits than bombs, the biggest of which have already been detonated.

While there’s been an unprecedented string of high-priced flops — five films with budgets well north of $100 million have opened to less than $25 million over the last month — the season is still running ahead of last year by 10.7 percent.

“This month has brutal, but none of these misfires have been a surprise,” editor-in-chief Phil Contrino told TheWrap. “With so many huge movies in the marketplace, it was a given that there were going to be some major casualties.”

With a few exceptions, the hits have been just as predictable this summer — and there have been more of them than misses. The total domestic gross for the summer to date is $3.42 billion, better than last summer’s $3.09 billion to this point, according to BoxOffice.Mojo.

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