Box Office: ‘The Purge’ Could Put an End to ‘Fast 6’ Dominance This Weekend

The Purge,” a horror thriller that cost $3 million to make, looks like it will knock off the far pricier “Fast and Furious 6” and Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn workplace comedy “The Internship” at the box office this weekend.

Universal would be OK with its blockbuster cars-and-criminals sequel giving up the top spot in its third week, because the “The Purge” is the first movie to come out of the studio’s deal with low-budget horror guru Jason Blum, the man behind the lucrative “Paranormal Activity” franchise.

“It would make it an easier pill to swallow,” Universal’s head of distribution Nikki Rocco said with tongue in cheek. Her movies could finish 1-2 this weekend.

“Fast & Furious 6,” which cost somewhere around $160 million, gave the studio its biggest opening ever, passing the half-billion mark faster than any Universal picture before. It has alreadly racked up $522 million globally. With its micro-budget, “The Purge” is as close as it comes to a sure bet to make money.

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