6 Actresses Who Should Play Hillary Clinton in ‘Rodham’


One of the hottest parts in town is up for grabs now that Carey Mulligan has reportedly turned down the role of Hillary Clinton in “Rodham.”

The biopic checks in with the former Secretary of State and once and possibly future presidential candidate before she was even a blip of a public figure.

The film unfolds during the Watergate scandal when then Hillary Rodham was a young lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee, tasked with digging into President Richard Nixon’s abuses of power. It follows Rodham as she is forced to choose between her political ambitions and those of the man she loves, Bill Clinton.

It’s the kind of historical part that in the right hands can lead to a date with a naked golden guy named Oscar (See: Mirren, Helen and “The Queen”), so it’s no surprise that it’s on the wish list of most actresses under 35. No, the casting director didn’t ask, but TheWrap is helpfully wading into the melee to break down the stars worthy of donning Mrs. Clinton’s pantsuit.

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