Charlie Walk Named EVP of Republic Records

As reported, Charlie Walk was officially named executive vice president of Republic Records, co-founder/CEO Monte Lipman announced today. In his new role, Walk will oversee the Marketing, Promotion and Publicity departments and report to Monte and Avery Lipman, co-founder and President.

Walk re-enters the record label business after founding and serving as chairman of Madison Ave-based advertising agency JWalk, which will continue.

“Having a front row seat as a consumer and a music executive over the past 20 years, I had the opportunity to watch Republic turn into the most competitive, forward-thinking, modern label in the business,” Walk said in a statement. “They’ve also managed to preserve an independent spirit within the massive scope of a major label. That ethos has led them to be the most important competitor in the modern landscape, and it drew me to the company. Together, we can help the transformation of the music business with amazing executives, talent, and partners.”

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