Why Tyler and Lopez left Idol..

The big news of the past week has been the announcements that both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are leaving American Idol. And then the rumor mill continued on with countless names for who could replace them (and possibly Randy Jackson, if he leaves as well — but we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet). But why did they actually leave?

Jennifer Lopez: More Money, Other Projects

For Jennifer Lopez, it seems like there’s a combination of intertwining reasons. She was in contract negotiations to return to Idol, reportedly wanting $17 million (a $2 million increase), according to The Wrap. (Keep in mind, these figures fluctuate depending on what you’re reading, but they all seem to point to a general area of between $15 million and $20 million.) But with decreased ratings, there will be cuts of all sorts — staff cuts, budget cuts and, yes, salary cuts. (read more here)

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