Idol Shakeup

American Idol is in turmoil as the three celebrity judges may bail. Steven Tyler has left “American Idol” to rejoin Aerosmith and Randy Jackson is now considering his options. Jennifer Lopez told the “Today” show she’s up in the air.

“Aerosmith is launching a new album in early November, just as “Idol” is in the middle of its ramp up to a January launch. There are two sides to that–if Tyler remains on “Idol,” the album gets a huge promotional push. On the other hand, in order to really promote the album, Aerosmith has to tour on a heavy schedule that would coincide with the “Idol” season.”

“As for Lopez and Jackson: No judge has done better from “Idol” than Lopez. Her recording career was dead before she came on the show. In her two seasons, she’s revived it, with big singles that she debuted on the show. Plus she made millions of dollars in other deals. For a girl who can’t really sing, she’s done alright. And Randy? There’s no “American Idol” without him, frankly. If Tyler and Lopez leave, they and Fox and Simon Fuller all have the excuse that their prior careers interfered with the show’s schedule.” (Showbiz)

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