Colin Barlow Interview

“I’d been at Universal for 22 years when I left, and I needed a refreshing change. This place was crying out to be re-energized. And if I’m honest, I think that I needed re-energizing as well… I want to bring the heritage back to this place. Back in the day, RCA was a very broad label; it had gone from Bowie to The Monkees to Nina Simone to Eurythmics to Lou Reed. It had a real strength in depth across its roster. It’s time for us to bring that spectrum back – I?promise RCA won’t just be known as a pop label for too much longer… I loved my time at Universal—there were some great people there. Lucian [Grainge] is an incredible executive, as is David [Joseph]. [They] have this great philosophy not to take anything for granted: even if you’ve had some good news, stay calm—it’s only the start of the process. It creates an anxiety in you so that you’re constantly thinking about your decisions. Do I miss that? Not at all—because it’s still right here with me.” —RCA U.K. head Colin Barlow, who assumed his post in January, interviewed in MusicWeek  (HITS)

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