Internet Models & Photographers Explained Part 2

Internet models tend to be very distrustful of photographers. This is mostly likely based on experiences they’ve had with “internet photographers” and initially groups all photographers she deals with into this same category, until proven otherwise. These experiences with internet photographers include inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour, not receiving their photos, and more.

Internet models tend to think that they are in demand and making a career out of modeling because they are getting paid jobs with “internet photographers”. Not true. This is a dead end street and should not be considered “professional” modeling nor anything you can make a career out of. True professional modeling most commonly involves working on projects which are used to bring in money (advertisements, brochures, catalogs, web sites, and more).

Photographers that pay models to work with them can only afford to do so if they are working on projects in which actual photos of the model are intended for some purpose that will generate money. (Wrtitten by Zero Dean)

Part 3 will be posted tomorrow

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