Internet Models & Photographers Explained Part 1

Internet models are models whose sole experience with modeling is by working through the internet via such sites as OneModelPlace. Many internet models often claim to be “professional” or “semi-professional”, yet their only source of modeling income is through “internet photographers”. They rarely work on project specific ventures which are intended to make money and instead make money from internet photographers.

Internet photographers are photographers whose soul experience with model photography is by working through the internet via sites such as OneModelPlace. Many internet photographers often claim to be “professional” or “semi-professional” yet are rarely paid for their work. In fact, many internet photographers either offer their services for free or pay models to work with them. Many times they have no intention of making money from photography and simply use the fact that they have a camera as an opportunity to take pictures of “pretty girls”.

Internet photographers, more often than not, are simply hobbyists, not professionals and often lack the skills necessary to take professional level photographs.

Internet models often work with internet photographers because they find the idea of getting paid for having their picture taken appealing. Internet models often have little concern over the actual quality of the photographs taken during these sessions.

A common mistake made my internet models is to work with photographers who provide poorly shot and unprofessional photos. Photos from these photographers are of very little value, often a complete waste of time, or can actually be detrimental to anyone serious about a career in modeling. Models should always select photographers based on their skill level. (written by Zero Dean)

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