A Model’s Guide to Picking Good Photographers

In the next couple of days we will list what you should looking for in a good photographer.

I am often asked by the models who shoot with me, “How do I pick the right photographers to work with?”, and I can understand why.

When you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to judge one photographer from another. Models who join OneModelPlace, for example, are often deluged with emails from amateur and professional photographers alike who all seek to work with the model (or aspiring model) in one capacity or another.

Depending on the model, their experience level, and the information they post in their OMP profile, requests from photographers vary from TFP requests to offers to pay the model for their time. With so many options coming in, how does one know who to work with or what priority to place on the various requests?

When it comes down to picking a photographer to work with, trust your intuition. If it seems like an amateur operation, it probably is. Being “full time” does not guarantee a true professional quality operation.

These are the things you need to consider before choosing to work with a photographer:


Do you actually like the photographer’s work? Does it appeal to you? You don’t have to know a lot about photography to judge a photographer’s work. Simply take a look at the photographer’s portfolio and ask yourself whether you can imagine the photographer’s images in a magazine, gallery, or commercial product? If so, what kinds of magazines or products? Are these the types of places you would like your photos to be?

Is the photographer using wrinkled bed sheets as backdrops, tacky props, poor lighting, or has photos looked like they were taken in the 70’s? (written by Zero Dean)


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