Big is Beautiful?

“As the use of plus-size models on magazine covers and runways becomes more popular, it is refreshing to see the fashion industry embrace a variety of shapes and sizes.
But in trying to strike a balance, are some designers going too far?

Australian department store Myer hosted a Big is Beautiful show during Sydney’s Fashion Festival yesterday, hiring plus-size girls to model outfits by various labels.
The show has sparked an online debate as The Australian journalist Damian Woolbough branded the choice of models ‘irresponsible.’

Damian wrote: ‘There is a place for women of all sizes in the fashion media, as seen by the positive response to a plus-size shoot with Lawley in this month’s Vogue Australia, but obese models send just as irresponsible a message about the need for healthy eating and exercise as models with protruding clavicles and ribcages.’

But the post received a series of comments from readers defending Myer’s move.

And Tam Fry from the National Obesity Forum warned the dangers of seeing skinny models on the runway far outweigh the message that plus-sized girls send.”

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