Tyra Banks promotes her new book Modelland

Call her supermodel extraordinaire! It seems whatever Tyra Banks touches turns to gold. The Harvard Business School student stopped by “Good Morning America” to talk about her latest project, “Modelland.” It’s a three-part fantasy/adventure novel that follows four young women during their enrollment in an exclusive modeling school. On top of that, Banks is dishing on the 17th cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” and more. Read more here.

The Top Money Models

How to ascertain who the top earning models of the industry are. It is not an easy feat, especially because no agency in its right mind is ever going to disclose publicly exactly what its star models earn.

But there is an interesting device you can use to get an estimate.You can take a list of the highest paying clients in fashion, weigh the going rates these clients pay for their contracts and campaigns and then apply it against the body of models employed by those clients. Those power clients form a mercifully short list.

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tips on Commercial Print

“Commercial print modeling involves a wide range of looks, heights, ages, body types and ethnicities. Typical clients will request a very specific ideal of what they’re looking for. On one day, “Japanese male and female in their late 20s to early 30s, regular, good looking, hip.” On another day they might only give a generalized outline “White Male, 40s”.

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